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by Ella

I have been a passionate artist since the day I could remember. I enjoy being creative and art can truly express that. Art gives me a feeling of freedom but also a sense of control. An example of a stand out performance would be using the overlocker for the first time. The overlocker is pretty intimidating if you’re like me and are still learning the ropes of sewing. I’m delighted to be learning more about not only sewing but sewing tote bags through the Totes Cool project. I hope to show people to never give up and stay positive, especially when times get tough.
Tote Bag Profile Picture.jpg
It has been a fun experience learning new things with new people. But best of all was building a relationship with my older neighbour and close friend, Pam. She has taught me so much through her wisdom and skills. Pam has inspired me to push my designing skills to a higher level. Not only have I learnt new skills but I have also made a friend for life. 
Watermelon tote bag (totes cool)
leopard print pom pom tote bag (totes co
animal print peach and black (totes cool
Black and white tote bag ( totes cool ).
green leopard print tote bag (totes cool
pink animal print tote bag (totes cool).
tropical tote bag (totes cool)
black lace and lepard print tote bag (to
Tote Bag Profile Picture


This project has inspired me get creative. To explore and develop my area of interest on an amazing adventure filled with laughter, joy & fun.

Ella, Project Space Participant


Narly Facts Totes Cool.jpg
Artwork Totes Cool.jpg
Q&A Totes Cool.jpg
Project Based Learning



I’m sure you already KNOW that we’re moving away from a knowledge-based workforce and into an economy where critical-thinking, creativity, collaboration and other 'soft skills' are the MOST sought after qualities of the 21st century employee or business owners.

(Source: ‘What Are 21st Century Skills’, Applied Educational Systems, 2019)

I’m sure you also know that your child has what it takes to make it in this dynamic new world – they just need to learn the right-skills and connect with the right-people to guide them…

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