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by Will

Will has been a passionate survival enthusiast for the past 7 years. He enjoys being free, being in nature and the strong feeling that comes through surviving in the wild. Some standout performances include building shelters, making spears, and bonding with his dad over bush survival experiences. He is delighted to be learning more about bushcraft through his “Survival Status” Project and hopes to raise awareness towards our amazing natural environment. 
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Over these incredible 12wks I have improved my bushcraft skills, learnt amazing survival techniques, and learnt about myself in many different ways. 
By practising botanical drawings and watercolour paintings, I have improved my art skills.
I’ve also made a bushcraft movie, based on my learning experiences from bush survival courses, improving my filming and editing techniques. Identifying which native plants and animals were safe to eat was important for me to understand too. I found this information through a lot of research and a local Bush Tucker Tour. During this experience I was also shown local sites of cultural significance and the stories behind them, which were amazing. My incredible bushcraft journey has taught me many ordinary and extraordinary skills. I wasn’t expecting to feel such empathy for the trees I needed to use for my shelter. I now understand the reality of how scary the wild can be and how it should be respected.
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Project Space has taught me how to be creative, work towards deadlines and most importantly enjoy working independently

Will, Project Space Participant


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Poem-_How to make a spear_ - Google Docs
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Project Based Learning



I’m sure you already KNOW that we’re moving away from a knowledge-based workforce and into an economy where critical-thinking, creativity, collaboration and other 'soft skills' are the MOST sought after qualities of the 21st century employee or business owners.

(Source: ‘What Are 21st Century Skills’, Applied Educational Systems, 2019)

I’m sure you also know that your child has what it takes to make it in this dynamic new world – they just need to learn the right-skills and connect with the right-people to guide them…

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