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by Christall-Star

Christall-Star has been a enthusiastic gardener since she moved into her own room and could explore different designs. She enjoys creating something beautiful and the exciting feeling that comes from looking at the finished product. She remembers being given a pathc of vege garden by her parents and enjoyed getting to make her own choices about what was planted. Christall is delighted to be learning more about gardening through the 'Gardening Transformation' Project and hopes to work in a nursery or garden centre in the future.
When I started this project I was a little confused about what to do it on. Then one day while it was raining I decided to weed a garden.
When my Dad saw it he was impressed and offered me some money to finish it off.
I got straight to it!
This was a lot of fun and it got me thinking about other garden possibilities...

I learned a process for building a garden.
We got an excator in to remove Yukkas that had grown too big, but in the end Joe (the excator driver) took out everything!
That worked well and gave us a clean garden to start on.
We moved and trimmed the foxtail bush. We planted another bush beside it.
I went to the nursery with Mum. I then talked with Rosy (my grandma) about the best way to plant them since it was getting cold. She told me to leave them in their pots where they were going to be planted for a few days first. I did that but they seemed to be wilting in the cold weather. When I watered them and changed them around a bit, they seemed to bounce back!
So then I planted them into the ground.

I had to do a budget because things were getting expensive.
Dad had already paid for the excavator for another job.
The wood chip was free from Joe. (Thanks Mount Bulli Tree Services)
The plants cost around $40.
The cardboard was free from the Good Guys.
The pond liner was $80
I got the rocks free from the river (shhh)
Some plants were already there and we planted them back in.
Mum and Dad worked for free.

We dug the hole. Put the pond liner in. Put the cardboard around it. Then put the rocks around the pond to make sure the liner stays in place. Then we put wood chip around everything, filled the pond, and that was it!

I'd like to add more rocks and make a solar powered waterfall feature at some time in the future.

The Pink Daisy
(Needs full sun, grows 25cm up and 30cm across)
The Mini Bee
(Needs full sun, grows 25cm up and 30cm across)
The Cycas
(Needs full sun/part shade. Native. Grows 1-2m high)
The King Pink
(Needs full sun, grows 1.5m up and 1m across, winter/spring flowers)
(grows into a bush about 30cm tall)
(Needs full sun, grows well and flowers often)
The Passionate Blush
(Grows 60cm up and 80cm across, full sun-part shade)
(Succulent, hardy, flowers rarely, used as a feature but can grow large. reproduces through sucker plants.)


This project was a lot of fun. I'm glad I chose it.

I learned a lot about plants and gardening and it has given me some ideas about what I might like to do for a job!

Christall-Star, Project Space Participant


Project Based Learning



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